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Creating visual identity

Starting from the set of values that SS WELLINGTON LTD imposes on itself - quality, innovation, excellence, emphasizing the experience that their product offers to the end customer - relaxation, holistic health, we created a visual identity to match.

In the case of each collaboration, we offer the final logo in several variations, sizes and formats to be usable in as many poses as possible (be they digital or printed), together with an identity manual with various ways of use, fonts, color palette complementary colors and graphics.


  • Responsive and modern design
  • Implementation of online store system with online card payment
  • Differentiated shipping in different countries
  • Billing and order management
  • Organizing the sections for an optimal user experience
  • Google Search console configuration
  • Configuration of email accounts
  • Administration panel
  • Contact form
  • Basic SEO at launch
  • SSL certificate
  • Hosting


Social Media Launch

With the launch of the website, I created the social media accounts, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, where I created the profile covers of the pages, along with a first post.

Cover FB

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