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Personall Agency is a recruitment agency and more, operating in Timișoara.
The already existing brilliant branding helped us create a website to match!

We have not only created a presentation website, but also a blog, and a platform for applying to various jobs


  • Responsive and modern design
  • Handcrafted, custom web identity
  • Organizing the sections for an optimal user experience
  • Google Search console configuration
  • Configuration of email accounts
  • Editable Blog & Portfolio
  • Administration panel
  • Contact form
  • Basic SEO at launch
  • SSL certificate
  • Hosting

In the case of job applications, we have created a contact form that allows uploading documents and CVs; all of which are stored in a database and can be viewed, organized and retrieved from the website's administration panel.
Job application

The administration panel allows adding and writing complex articles, adding testimonials, new projects in the portfolio and modifying several sections on the website at information level.

Ana, Mădălina and Alexandra from Personall Agency were wonderful in terms of communication.
I went through trainings on using the administration panel with them and did a mini-introduction at the SEO level.
Throughout the collaboration they were patient, open and eager to learn.

Facebook Cover

Grafica facebook cover

Grafica facebook cover

Mini-video website presentation

Website video presentation


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